Whether you’re a professional Chef or aspiring amateur,
Native Organic Cottons are top of the line

The Native Organic Kitchen collection was created to match our Bed and Bath collections. You can choose from a soft palette of earth tones made only with color grown fiber, straight from the plant without any dyes. Our beautiful weaves work well combined with each other, or alone. The entire collection will create a visual mood that compliments and mixes well with any decor or utility requirement. We think you will find all of these kitchen items restful to the eye, textural and inviting to touch.

Native Organic dish towels, napkins and aprons, in  Cafe solid, striped, checkered and heather weaves, are uniquely woven using  cafe color grown organic cotton – colored only by Mother Nature.  We also have Indigo Blue & Sage. These fabrics are all woven on water powered looms.    You can enjoy your organic food with organic linens at the same time.

Please also check in our Native Organic Specials for other currently available Kitchen items.

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kitchen-ginghamGingham kitchen-stripedTicking kitchen-light-heatherLt. Heather kitchen-dark-heatherDk. Heather

Gingham Napkin S/4, 18 in x 18 in $38
Gingham Tea Towel S/2, 19 in x 29 in $24
Gingham Apron, Unisex $34
Ticking Napkins S/4, 18 in X 18 in $38
Ticking Tea Towels S/2, 19 in x 29 in $24
Ticking Apron, Unisex $34
Lt. Heather Napkins S/4, 18 in X 18 in $38
Lt. Heather Tea Towels S/2, 19 in x 29 in $24
Lt. Heather Apron, Unisex $34
Dk. Heather Napkins S/4, 18 in X 18 in $38
Dk. Heather Tea Towels S/2, 19 in x 29 in $24
Dk. Heather Apron, Unisex $34