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Organic Mattress Pad I Native Organic

Organic Mattress Pad, All 100 % U.S Organic farmer grown cotton inside and out. Made In USA. Using this pad will refresh you and your bed platform...all natural comes in 5 sizes....sleep well, pleasant dreams. 

Broker free cotton directly contracted from the farmers. Gin direct. Weaving yarns are ring spun and combed. Weaving is on vintage looms that are weaver operated not computer managed. Finishing and cut and sew is sweat shop free and GOTS third party certified.

What you are supporting when you make a Native Organic purchase:
  • Our organic certification is the real deal U.S.D.A.
  • Our cotton is purchased direct from American family farms.
  • Our cotton is guaranteed identity preserved, long staple, G.M.O free.
  • Our supply chain is GOTS certified from start to finish.
  • Our products are directly made, hands on by our workers. No middlemen.
  • Our work force is 100% unionized.
  • Our North American cotton mill has been in continuous operation for 100 yrs. Now it is the only North American mill that is GOTS certified.
  • Our carbon footprint is the lowest in the industry.  We emit 80% less C02 emissions  in our production and shipping than our competitors.


Ask a Question
  • How does this lad attach to the bed?

    There are 2 types of pads  one is like a fitted sheet and the other has elastic straps at each corner that fit under the mattress. 
    HOpe this answers your question  all the best  Native Organic....