Organic Bath Towels I 100% USDA Certified & Made In USA – Native Organic
Bath Towels Organic Cotton  (set of 3)
Bath Towels Organic Cotton  (set of 3)
Bath Towels Organic Cotton  (set of 3)


Bath Towels Organic Cotton (set of 3)

Our organic bath towels are yarn dyed woven to size Towel set = face, hand + bath Always 100% USDA certified Organic Cotton Soft and absorbent  Organic soaps +  Organic towels again a good combo for you and our planet. Using 100% organic cotton, We crafted these bath towels and bath mats all the way up from the yarn twist. The manufacturing process that we use for these towels is unique: It won’t work unless you’re using strong, resilient organic cotton and a twist that ensures maximum water absorbency. We also made the hem a focal point of the design. Easy-to-use towels with a soft, fluffy texture that only gets better with time and incredible absorbency that you’ve only dreamed of.  [Care instructions] ○ Do not use chlorine bleach or detergents containing fluorescent whitening 
○ To ensure that towels maintain a high level of water absorbency, it is recommended that fabric softeners be avoided.

Proudly 100% USDA Certified Organic Cotton & Made In USA 

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  • Two questions: 1. What is the mass of material per unit surface area for your bath towels? 2. Is it possible to purchase only a bath towel and not a set of towels? Thanks!

    1. Our organic bath towel measures  27' x 54"   
    2. Our offer is for 2 organic bath towels and a very good offer it is. - Native Organic