Bed Duvet Comforter Cover
Bed Duvet Comforter Cover
Bed Duvet Comforter Cover
Bed Duvet Comforter Cover
Bed Duvet Comforter Cover

Bed Duvet Comforter Cover

Native's duvet cover is a great cotton "surround" for your comforter.It  has a coconut button closure. Is completely washable and comes in 4 sizes. Our original Strata weave creates textural interest on the surface while  exhibiting a soft hand. A soft hand is a characteristic of the small batch, long staple cotton we use throughout the Native bedding collection. This is cotton with provenance. Enjoy the feel of our soft, cotton on top of your Native sheets next to your skin.Not skimpy, room for family or partners.100% chemical free. Native's U. S cotton, grown and produced  close to home means significantly lower C02 emissions. Our trademarked Strata cloth  is woven on vintage , weaver operated looms. Native textiles are 100% free of softeners, whiteners, brighteners. Just you and the cotton grown chemical free by our American farm families. Sweet dreams !

Broker free cotton directly contracted from the farmers. Gin direct. Weaving yarns are ring spun and combed. Weaving is on vintage looms that are weaver operated not computer managed. Finishing and cut and sew is sweat shop free and GOTS third party certified.

What you are supporting when you make a Native Organic purchase:
  • Our organic certification is the real deal U.S.D.A.
  • Our cotton is purchased direct from American family farms.
  • Our cotton is guaranteed identity preserved, long staple, G.M.O free.
  • Our supply chain is GOTS certified from start to finish.
  • Our products are directly made, hands on by our workers. No middlemen.
  • Our work force is 100% unionized.
  • Our North American cotton mill has been in continuous operation for 100 yrs. Now it is the only North American mill that is GOTS certified.
  • Our carbon footprint is the lowest in the industry.  We emit 80% less C02 emissions  in our production and shipping than our competitors.


Ask a Question
  • When do you expect to have the Queen size Bed Duvet Comforter Cover in stock?

    Hi there we have it in stock in  the Blue and in the Natural Strata...Just let us know the size of your queen duvet,
    it sometimes varies with anufacturer  and we will make one up for you  email us at
    till soon Michele