Native Organic Cotton

About us

Our Native Organic Story
Native Organic is a family owned and operated manufacturer of fine crafted USDA certified organic cotton. We contract with a farmers cooperative for their farmer grown cotton.  Then we spin the yarns and weave our fabrics. Our whole process is organic and meets the standards of the Organic Trade association. We are getting our GOTS certification in the first quarter of 2018.  We take pride in always working at making our textile products  even better, in both durability and beauty to the eye and to the touch. Please read more and understand the process. Cotton has been grown and woven in the Americas since the beginning of civilization. 
Cotton Grown In America
Yarn Spun In Mexico
Our yarn is then shipped to a textile mill less than 100 miles away where it is woven into sheeting on some of the most advanced machinery in the Americas. The mill has been family owned since the 1920’s and employs more than 300 people. 25% of their workforce has been with them for more than 25 years, and  are one of the few facilities in the Americas that  still weave wide sheeting fabric.
Fabric Woven in Mexico
After weaving, our fabric is finished at a facility that’s been in business since the 1920’s. We do not use any chemicals in any of the process, be it in the field or on the looms or with the final "finishing" washing of our textiles. We can still achieve the soft hand that we love. The finished fabric is then cut and sewn at a third generation family-owned factory that is specially set up for making our organic cotton products.
Seed-To-Stitch Direct From Us To You.