Problem & Solution

The U.S produces only 5% of the world's organic cotton, yet our demand for it amounts to 70% of the global market: a supply chain stretching around the globe, to India, Pakistan, China, and Turkey, creating a massive carbon footprint connected by costly middlemen and no guarantee of ethical manufacturing. Native is 100% North American made, with 1/10 the carbon footprint of imports. Working directly with the growers, mills, and weavers, Native's vertical production eliminates inefficiencies, guaranteeing verified USDA organic cotton products of superior quality, sustainable and ethically produced, at a competitive price.



Direct Benefits

Native buys our cotton farm-direct, so the famers profit, instead of brokers and middlemen. Native contracts with a worker owned and operated 100 year-old water-powered mill to spin and weave our raw cotton. We offset 22 pounds of C02 emissions for every gallon of diesel our competitors in India, Pakistan and Turkey burn day in and day out.  

Grown and Certified in the USA

Native has a two decades-old partnership with a North American cooperative growing cotton that is U.S certified and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) compliant. In the U.S., 90% of commercially grown cotton is Monsanto's genetically-modified Roundup Ready Cotton. Roundup is a known carcinogen. In contrast, Native's Organic cotton is grown free of pesticides by a trailblazing farmer cooperative in Texas that committed to organic production XX years ago after a cancer cluster ravaged their community. 


Native Organic cotton is grown on small family – owned American farms. Home Grown in the USA.


na-tive\na-tiv\ SIMPLE UNAFFECTED, constituting the original substance or source, found in nature, especially in an unadulterated form, local.