Product Care Suggestions

Our best suggestions for taking care of your Native Organic Cotton linens.

Not only will these tips help you get the most use from your Native Organic Cotton items, your other laundry won't mind either.


Suggested Settings

Warm Wash - Not too hot

To minimize wear, fading, and shrinkage,
set your machine to Warm or Cold.

at or below 40°C / 104°F

Hot water can accelerate color fading,
shrinkage, and weaken fibers.

Normally, Normal Cycle

The normal cycle is usually the right balance of wash time, spin speed, and rinsing to clean our linens.

Heavy duty, Heavy soil cycles can be used as needed. Usually this is a longer wash cycle, more rinsing, and higher speed spin cycle.

Medium Spin Speed suggested,
to minimize dancing washers.


Plant-derived non-ionic detergents


Chlorine Bleach
Can cause discoloration and color fading.
May weaken fibers with frequent use.

Fabric Softener
Reduces absorbency of towels,
May result in an oily/greasy feel.


Suggested Settings & Tips

Not too hot - Medium Temp

Drying a little lower and a little slower reduces wrinkles and wear. The added tumbling time helps relax the fibers and soften naturally.

Before tossing that wad of wet linens in the dryer, take a moment to separate the items. Smooth out suspicious-looking wrinkles. You're helping future-you, minimizing the need for ironing.

High temps will set hard wrinkles, shortens the life of elastic in fitted sheets, and can result in unwanted shrinkage.

Frequent high heat drying will make cotton fibers brittle, leading to faster wear and breakdown.

Medium Dry, not crunchy

Dry until just slight dampness remains.

Check occasionally during drying, or use the moisture sensor if equipped.

Remove from dryer promptly and fold while warm to minimize wrinkles.

not recommended:

Dryer Sheets
Reduces absorbency,
waxy or greasy feel.