Social Responsibilty

Your health and the health of the planet are one - connected. When we are born we inherit our environment - it is native to us. Since 1998 Native has made all  products from U.S Certified organic cotton.  We believe that organic agriculture can reverse the destructive corporate Big Ag  agricultural practices, that contaminates our air,  and water and lays waste to our precious top soil,  which keeps us all alive. Native supports a net zero , GMO free, chemical free agriculture practiced on organic family farms. For our future It is imperative that we don't take more than we put back. The next generation will inherit the earth as we leave it. 
The farmer knows that nature creates everything .
Native only buys its cotton from  American family farms.
Native buys farm direct and cuts out the broker who
does the bidding of Big Ag.
The consumer wins through their purchase  by supporting
contamination free, clean , safe,  regenerative agriculture.
Native supports workers who must receive a living wage and
be treated fairly.  The Native bi-national mill where we convert our
cotton to yarns and cloth is 115 years old, and after years of
struggle to stand up for their rights the worker are now the owners.
Our support helped them win their freedom.
The mill is powered by a river that runs through it - no coal - no diesel
- just clean water power  and net zero emissions.  Native will offset over 500
tons of C02 emissions in its mill operations this year.