Kitchen Pot Holders - Solid Heather - Set of 2

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This is a critical piece of kitchen gear that will save your bacon. Washable, triple layer construction, all organic. Made to keep you cool whether you're focused on perfecting your culinary skills, or heating up leftovers.

We offer them with our stripes, checks, or solid heather on one side, finished with solid heather on the other.

Set of 2.

Organic food + Organic fabric makes a great pairing.. Bon appetit !

100% USDA Certified Organic COtton

We only use USDA Certified Organic cotton to spin our yarns and weave our cloth. Grown using sustainable farming practices, from non-GMO seeds, without synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers.

During each step in our process, we uphold the USDA Certified Organic certification, to insure that our cotton is handled without contamination from chemicals, pesticides, toxic dyes, silicone additives, or fragrances.