Napkins - Classic Prints

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Set of 4 This is a slow and rewarding process.  We start with our organic color grown cafe cloth that was woven in a river powered mill. Then we print our exclusive Native  fabric designs using silk screens for the best lasting results. Each yard is printed with fiber reactive dyes then washed and prepared for the cut & sew in our own Southern California sewing studio. The "hand " is exceptional yet durable as well. These are one of a kind napkins you should add to your dining experience.

Truly Cocina con Soul 

100% USDA Certified Organic COtton

We only use USDA Certified Organic cotton to spin our yarns and weave our cloth. Grown using sustainable farming practices, from non-GMO seeds, without synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers.

During each step in our process, we uphold the USDA Certified Organic certification, to insure that our cotton is handled without contamination from chemicals, pesticides, toxic dyes, silicone additives, or fragrances.