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Bed Sheet Set Natural
Bed Sheet Set Natural
Bed Sheet Set Natural
Bed Sheet Set Natural


Bed Sheet Set Natural

Our sheet set includes (1) fitted(1) flat and (2) pillowcases. Only 1 case with Twin size. 15" drop on fitted sheet and 280 thread count. 

Natural in our sheeting means specifically the absence of any process or input such as whitening, softening or brightening, which are all common textile processes. Native natural is the tone of our American grown  cotton. Just as fine wine comes from select grapes. The soft hand of the Native sheets is a characteristic of the best organic home grown cotton. Native cotton is in the top 5% globally Grown at home means less pollution, and a smaller foot print. 

Pleasant  dreams are made with this !

Broker free cotton directly contracted from the farmers. Gin direct. Weaving yarns are ring spun and combed. Weaving is on vintage looms that are weaver operated not computer managed. Finishing and cut and sew is sweat shop free and GOTS third party certified.

What you are supporting when you make a Native Organic purchase:
  • Our organic certification is the real deal U.S.D.A.
  • Our cotton is purchased direct from American family farms.
  • Our cotton is guaranteed identity preserved, long staple, G.M.O free.
  • Our supply chain is GOTS certified from start to finish.
  • Our products are directly made, hands on by our workers. No middlemen.
  • Our work force is 100% unionized.
  • Our North American cotton mill has been in continuous operation for 100 yrs. Now it is the only North American mill that is GOTS certified.
  • Our carbon footprint is the lowest in the industry.  We emit 80% less C02 emissions  in our production and shipping than our competitors.

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  • We received our organic mattress pad today and are very pleased with it, especially since it's made in the USA! However, no instructions came with the mattress pad on how the pad should be washed and dried to keep it from shrinking too much..

    Hi there Our organic pad should be washed in cold water or warm water wash and if possibe line dryed
    if dry in dryer then on cool dry not hot  thanks for your inquiry  Native Organic

  • After we ordered a mattress pad from you we were wondering how it was attached to the mattress, since there was no description, or picture of it on an actual bed?

    There are elastic bands at the corners.
    Put the pad on the mattress and pull the bands
    around the corners of the mattress.