Native 130+ year old mill to receive a GOTS license.

Posted by Aiza Leano on

What you are supporting when  you make a Native Organic purchase:

  • Our organic certification is the real deal U.S.D.A.
  • Our cotton is purchased direct from American family farms.
  • Our cotton is guaranteed identity preserved, long staple, G.M.O free.
  • Our supply chain is GOTS certified from start to finish.
  • Our products are directly made, hands on by our workers. No middlemen.
  • Our work force is 100% unionized.
  • Our North American cotton mill has been in continuous operation for 100 yrs.
  •  It is the only North American mill that is GOTS certified.
  • Our carbon footprint is the lowest in the industry.  We emit 75% less C02 emissions  in our production and shipping than our competitors.

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