The Empire of Cotton

Cotton has always been controversial.  A war was fought over cotton.

Native is 100% U.S.D.A certified organic and has been since 1998.  This remain the most reliable and respected global standard.

Today over 95% of organic cotton products come from India, Turkey, Pakistan, Africa and China.  These countries do not have a  fiber certification that is comparable to the U.S.D.A certification., environmental supply chain  pollution  violations are often overlooked. These are poor countries ripe with abuse and exploitation of workers.

The source of  Native's rare long staple cotton is an American farm Co Op made up of 34 farm families. Each bale of their cotton carries a U.S.D.A bar code identifying the grower and their farm. Native deals gin direct with the farmer and not with a broker.  Once Native has the cotton they convert the bales of cotton to yarn and weave sheeting, toweling , ticking and decor textiles all toxin free. This process from beginning to end is certified under the GOTS global organic textile standard. Adherence to the GOTS standard is enforced through rigorous yearly site inspections of best production practices and workers rights, up and down the production chain. 

In summary Native provides you with the U.S.D.A certification of the cotton used in our production and GOTS licensing of the process from raw cotton to finished products and worker's rights and human relations. Make sure when you consider purchasing any cotton product that you know where it came from and how it was manufactured. U.S.D.A and GOTS guaranteed protection.


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